SHINSUNG, A qualified company for industrial and commercial audio products.

Welcome to visit our website and hope you have pleasure in the site.
SHINSUNG was founded in 1978.
Over 30years since founded in 1978, SHINSUNG has tried to produce top quality products, especially horn speakers.
As the result, SHINSUNG has honored as a well-known and qualified company for horn speakers in world market. Truly, I attribute our success to our customers support and constant efforts of all our members.

But now, SHINSUNG was re-founded with industrial and commercial amplifier products.
Even we start on a small scale first, we will try to become a top quality manufacturer step by step. Our goal is customers satisfaction. In order to satisfy various customer's tastes, we are developing new products, creating new market and achieved overseas quality standard like UL, ETL and ISO. We believe that SHINSUNG will be the best valuable manufacturer in near future because our man power is strong over 30years experience in this fields.
Anyway, I will do our best to be a global company leading new paradigm and to be trusted company from customers.
Again, we thank you for your interesting and encouragement, hope your constant and ardent support in future

Sincerely thanks
Kim Sanghioon / President