Horn Speakers Easy Design Speakers

Power Vector Series

Feature of Product
  • HS7EZ, HS15EZ, HS30EZ
  • Maximum speaker power capacities of 7.5W, 15W, & 30W
  • Single-tap design
  • Stepped attenuator volume control
  • For 70V systems
  • Tilt & swivel base for easy aiming
  • All metal construction with enamel finish
  • Weatherproof design

  • 7.5-, 15-, and 30-watt models
  • Single-tap design
  • Stepped attenuator volume control
  • 12″ lead wire for electrical connections (HS7EZ)
  • Screw terminal connections for fast installation (HS15EZ and HS30EZ models)
  • Designed for 70V amplifier outputs
  • Tilt and swivel mounting base for flexibility in coverage
  • High intelligibility and efficiency
  • Weatherproof, all-metal construction
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Mountable to I-beam flange using Bogen’s BC1 Beam Clamp (sold separately)
  • HS15EZ and HS30EZ models mountable to electrical box using Bogen’s HSES10 mounting strap (sold seperately)
  • Terminal Cover (TCSPT1) allows connection of conduit fittings to horn speakers (sold separately)