Feature & Function
  • Wide range input voltage(DC 12V ~ 36V).
  • Supply DC power(12V) to cameras(up to 4 cameras).
  • Easy and User-Friendly embedded RTOS.
  • Using embedded security SoC chip.
  • Appling reliable H.264 compression.
  • Smart design and Small size.
  • Applicable for various vehicle type(taxi, bus, truck etc).
  • Removable HDD.
  • USB Back up(USB2.0).
  • Mobile Viewer(Android, i-phone(option, in case of network connection)).
  • Using as especial or general security DVR.
  • Multiple external interface port(4 sensors, 1 alarm, 1 RS485).
  • Video Interface with TV(or navigation )monitor(CVBS).
  • Direct GPS interface(RS232 type).
  • Provide real time E-map utilities.
  • Display actual speed.
  • Display real time and actual moving path.
  • Auto Power level detection and battery protection(option).
  • Redundancy Battery operation(option).
  • Hot swappable power sources(option).
  • No noise operation and a small power consumption.