Feature of Product
  • This device mixes or amplifies 8CHANNEL input signal of MIC1~3, CHIME/CD/AUX/TUNER/DECK.
  • Based on its signal to noise ratio above 60dB and low distortion under 0.5%, it ensures high performance.
  • It gives priority to MIC1, making it take precedence over other signal source(MUTE).
  • Lamp is on to inform whether the signal is present in the input/output signal source, and the electronic balance system was applied to the input/output circuit.
  • It provides REC output function.

Size and Function
  • THD : 0.5%
  • Frequency Response : 80Hz-18kHz
  • TONE CONTROL : Bass-100Hz±12dB, Treble-10kHz±12dB
  • S/N : 60dB
  • Inputs : Mic-60dB/600Ω(BALANCED) CD-20dB/47kΩ(UNBALANCED)
    Deck-20dB/47kΩ(UNBALANCED) Aux-20dB/47kΩ(UNBALANCED)
  • Outputs : main output-0dB/600Ω(BALANCED) Rec output-20dB/1kΩ(UNBALANCED)
  • Power Source : DC 24V
  • Weight : 3.5kg
  • Dimensions : 483(W) x 44.5(H) x 320(D)㎜